Tannik's Keepsakes

Custom Handcrafted Jewellery Nova, Scotia, Canada

The owner of Tannik's Keepsake has graciously donated these healing jewellery pieces to The PGCT & Mental Health Awareness Campaign in order to help us raise funds to send out Post-Operative Care Packages to those who have undergone brain surgery.

Amethyst - known for easing tension and headaches to bring calmness and clarity.

Australian Chrysoprase - known to promote joy, optimism, and happiness.

Do you want more joy in your life? 

There is no greater joy than in giving! 

Purchase one, or two, of these beautifully healing pieces and experience the joy in knowing you are helping send a comforting Post-Op Care Package to someone who truly needs a little joy in their life right now. 

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Australian Chrysoprase Braceletes
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Amethyst Necklaces


Color Time With The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Adult Coloring Book

Drawn by Ellie Praise

Ellie has donated a portion of the sales from her coloring book to The PGCT & Mental Health Awareness Campaign; in hopes, that we can continue to raise funds to send out Post-Op Care Packages to those who have undergone brain surgery.

Purchase your adult coloring book, try some color therapy in your life, and help support The PGCT & Mental Health Awareness Campaign. 

Get your copy here:

Meet Melanie

Melanie in her Awareness Sweater_edited.

A fellow PGCT Artist & Sufferer

Melanie went through a long and painful battle with a PGCT.

She has since come out of brain surgery with a goal to help spread awareness towards PGCTs and encourage healthy life choices.

Melanie is a strong warrior (and personal friend), she focuses not only on helping raise awareness towards PGCTs, but also on bettering one's health after brain surgery.

Check out her fun new site which features workout attire, brain tumor awareness apparel, and much more:


Check Out Melanie's Blog:

Me in Melanies Awareness Sweater.jpg

"I love my sweater!

I get to help raise awareness while staying comfortable!"